A Legacy Of Corporate Responsibility

KemTech defines its corporate responsibility as actions taken that will improve the quality of life of our clients, team members, and their surrounding communities. KemTech is part of a larger global technology collaborative.  We were built and sustained upon the time-tested values of integrity, fiscal prudence, technological innovation, and strong corporate citizenry.  Our principles not only fuel KemTech growth, but also set the example for the manner in which other small companies can proactively work to expand their businesses, while also caring for the world around us.  To that end, KemTech:

  • Pursues new opportunities that use our proprietary technology and expertise to find novel solutions to social problems
  • Applies current best practices and methodologies to efficiently solve technical problems in a manner that efficiently conserves resources such as energy, paper, and computing space.  By helping clients optimize current technology investments and sparingly adding to their infrastructure, we help them reduce their carbon, digital, and hardware footprint
  • Encourages KemTech team members to serve their communities.  KemTech supports programs for both Wounded Warriors, as well as college-bound girls interested in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM)
  • Infuses a sense of social responsibility into every program KemTech undertakes